Title Insurance for Commercial Properties

As European real estate projects compete for increasing levels of international investment, and as investors and lenders seek to position their assets for inclusion in international real estate securities transactions, they can expect that international rating agencies, and the investors who purchase mortgage securities, will prefer projects that are covered by title policies.

A title policy is a contract of indemnity which compensates the insured against actual monetary loss because of title defects, liens, encumbrances and other claims on title. Our title policies will help you close your deals quickly and with security. By offering a reimbursement claim against a financially solid title company, in place of a less certain claim under a qualified legal opinion, project funding can be significantly accelerated.

Because a title company is able to spread the risk across the many policies issued, it is often able to provide protection based on documentation and legal analysis that would otherwise not satisfy the purchaser or the project’s debt or equity investors.

Our policies:

  • are issued for a one-time, upfront fee
  • cover the insured for as long as the insured owns the real estate
  • cover any interest in real estate (e.g., a freehold, an usufruct, a recorded land lease, an easement or a mortgage)
  • describe the ownership of the covered interest as it exists on the date the title policy is issued (the effective date) and indemnifies the insured if that description is incorrect

Please contact your regional office for more information.