About Us

Stewart Title Europe Limited is a specialist insurance company that provides a suite of title insurance products designed to cover against losses arising from title related risks in property transactions. We help law firms, lenders, investors and developers throughout Europe reduce risk and close property transactions with peace of mind through products such as:

Why Partner with Stewart Title?

Long-Standing History in Europe

We have been serving a diverse client list in the region for over 20 years and have underwritten billions of euros worth of property transactions. We are proud to support these and many other fine clients to successfully and expediently close their deals.

Local Expertise

We employ underwriters and associates with decades of combined industry experience and specialised knowledge of their respective local markets. They understand the challenges you face and are readily available to provide guidance and unique solutions for your particular transaction.

Underwriting Ingenuity

We have the know-how and hands-on experience to help you mitigate the risks associated with title related issues. Our team has earned a superb reputation for providing unparalleled underwriting skills on even the most complex transactions.

Exceptional Service

We provide the efficiency and dedication your transaction deserves to give you and your clients the best possible experience. Having built solid client relationships in the region, our team is known for going above and beyond with first-in-class service.

Financial Strength

We are backed by the financial solidity of our parent company, Stewart Title Guaranty Company, one of the largest title insurance companies in the world. The company’s financial performance has been affirmed by some of the most respected financial analysis firms, recognizing our financial strength and ability to pay claims.

You can trust us to help you close property transactions efficiently and confidently.

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